Yard Sale Reminder!


 Cotton Mill Residents:

The first Cotton Mill Place community wide yard sale will be tomorrow(10/22) from 8am until…? It’s not too late to participate! Clean out your closets and storage rooms and bring your items out to sell. You may set up along the outer parking spaces on the front (Curtis Street) side of the building between the bell and the Curtis Street entrance or on the back side in the loggia / courtyard area. We hope you have the chance to participate and look forward to meeting many of our neighbors.


 Thank you,
-Cotton Mill Place One, Social Committee

Board of Directors Meeting – 6/27/2016

Board of Directors Meeting – 6/27/2016

          Dru Burrows, President
          Gray Bowers, Vice President
          Wendy Moon, Acting Secretary
          Renee Diaz, Community Association Manager
          Claudia Neumann, Board Member

Meeting was called to order at 4:20 pm. Motion was made by Dru to approve the Minutes and seconded by Gray.


POND – mosquito tablets and spray have been purchased and Gray will be spraying all the grassy areas of our property. A notice will be posted to inform all dog owners.

CAR DECALS – Renee advised they are still on order.

RULES AND REGULATIONS – revision will be discussed at a meeting July 12th at 4:15pm.

Next monthly Board of Directors Meeting will be July 21, 2016 at 4:15pm, Unit 216.

Submitted by Wendy Moon, Acting Secretary